Back Side Jeans is dedicated to jeans and the beautiful women from Music, Film and TV that fill them out. 

"Why is a nice ass so important: what is the fascination with a nice ass?"   

Perhaps due to her youth, Megan Fox almost has a non-ass. There is little shape when standing upright, and only when bent over a motorbike in a pair of cut-offs, air-brushing its fuel tank, does she gain some definition. The roundness of her bottom is not in dispute, but she is so small that it takes a pair of very tight jeans to see the curves of her cheeks, and there just isn't a lot to grab onto.

Her hourglass figure, with small waist and wide hips, provides some redemption, giving her little ass some much needed form. 

Firm, Full, Juicy, Thick.

Round, Perky, Soft, and Smooth. 

Madolyn Smith has a small waist, and consequently, a relatively small bum. Flat at the top, she is round at the bottom with nice lines that lead right to the promised land. 

In loose jeans she rounds out nicely; while not tightly-packed, she is still firm and begging for a gentle slap. 

For a woman's ass to be Aesthetically Appealing, it will have a nice Curvature, a Sleek Form, Beautiful Contours, an Attractive Fall and a Seemly Silhouette.

Laura Dern has well-defined lines in good proportion. While not terribly round at the top, she is extremely round at the bottom with an overall great shape, givng the impression that her ass is smiling at you.

While not firm, she isn't loose either, but there's still a lot to grab onto. With slightly wider hips, Laura would have the quintessential "Tear Drop Ass". 

"Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave!"  

Miller Gaffney is a tight little thing who suffers most from being too thin. A little flat in tight jeans, she rounds out nicely in a pair of shorts when her cheeks are allowed some freedom. She has nice lines at the bottom, but her ass looks a little square with little definition. 

Her behind would be well served with a few extra pounds and her long, gorgeous legs would certainly support it. 

A woman's butt that is well-structured will have good symmetry and beautiful form. 

Ideally it will be Round, Shapely, Taut, Firm, and High. Plump and Juicy, yet still Compact.

While beautifully curved, Lynda's ass requires a ton of maintenance. If not careful, it threatens to fall, losing it's perfect shape and becoming unstable. Tight jeans are needed to give Wonder Woman's bum the lift it needs while her narrow waist compensates for hips that aren't quite wide enough.

A long up-and-down ass, Lynda has a bum one could definitely nest in.

 Whatever its overall shape, a nice ass will have defined curves, often determined by the waistline. 

We love looking at a woman who fills out her jeans nicely. 

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