Cynthia Kereluk

Cynthia Kereluk

Birth Name: Cynthia Michele Kereluk 

Date Of Birth: January 9, 1962

Place Of Birth: British Columbia, Canada  

Cynthia Kereluk was a fitness and exercise guru from BC, Canada. Her beauty and charm were balanced with a sweetness and innocense that was non-threatening to the female viewers and sexually-frustrating for the men (who watched for an entirely different reason).

In 1984, competing as Miss Edmonton, she won the Miss Canada title and later competed in Miss Universe 1984.  When asked at the 1984 Miss Universe Pageant. "Who is the greatest person in the world, for you?" Cynthia responded Santa Claus.

From 1985 to 2000 she reached both a Canadian (WTN) and American (Lifetime cable network) audience through television with her popular exercise show “Everyday Workout.” “Everyday Workout” aired in many countries including Canada, USA, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Barbados. 

She's such a tease! 

Cynthia Kereluk Everyday Workout
Cynthia Kereluk Everyday Workout

Cynthia Kereluk has held fitness workshops and telephone consultations; contributed to exercise videos and books; and produced her own videos which demonstrate her technique.

Kereluk has had small parts in three movies; "Mark of Cain" (1985, aka "Identity Crisis"), "Not Another Dirty Little Movie" (1986, aka "Overnight"), and "The Pink Chiquitas" (1987).

On September 24, 2007 Kereluk married English rock singer-songwriter Paul Rodgers, best known for being a member of Free and Bad Company, as well as a member of The Firm and The Law. He has recently toured and recorded with Queen. They were wed in a surprise outdoor ceremony in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. 

Cynthia Kereluk
Cynthia Kereluk

 Cynthia's “Everyday Workout” was both innovative and quaint. The show:

· Introduced the "picture-in-picture" for high and low intensity workouts

· Promoted the use of domestic objects for those not having exercise equipment

· Advocated the use of alternative medicines and treatments such as homeopathy, aroma therapy, herbal remedies, and chiropractics

· Promoted exercises and stretches that can be done in the workplace

· Was formatted to have aerobic, strength and stretching segments

· Encouraged people of all ages to start exercising

· Advocated drinking water while exercising (a glass of water was always kept near the exercise area)

· Always had a good supply of anecdotes during the slow portions of the show

· Introduced the cartoon character "Cindy Curlup" that opens the show 

· Taught how to count from one to ten in many languages (counting reps) - French, German, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Polish, and Hebrew

Cynthia Kereluk
Cynthia Kereluk

Cynthia did an ad for milk involving the Blue Band at Penn State University. Shot around Jan 1993 during a pre-game show for a football game. The Ad was for Mid-Atlantic Milk Marketing Association.